The 22Crew: Home Page


The trustees of The 22Crew have decided to close the charity.

One of our initial aims was to provide an information resource.  As information about 22q Deletion Syndrome is now far more available than it was in 2011, we feel this objective has been satisfied.

The world of 22q is much larger than the UK.  In Europe in recent years, we have seen a growth in the medical and scientific communities interest in the condition.  As a result, this has led to a new organisation - 22q11 Europe - being established. The 22Crew considers that European coordination is the future.

Distribution of Funds

Thanks to the generosity and support of our members over the life of the charity, we have accumulated funds that will be distributed in line with the Charity’s objectives as set out in its constitution.

We have decided to distribute the majority of the Charity’s funds to the CNV ECHO Study at Cardiff University (, which many of our 22q families have participated in, and a small donation to 22q11 Europe in lieu of membership fees.  An amount of restricted funds will be redistributed to other registered charities supported by the original donor.


Closure of Social Media and Website

There will be no further updates on our Twitter, Facebook page / closed group and website except for a final financial statement.  We aim to close the Charity’s social media and website by the end of April 2017.

The website will be running for a further two weeks from today and after this all content will be withdrawn except for the governance page containing the financial statements.

The trustees thank you for your support over the years and wish the 22q community and 22q11 Europe success in the future.

UK Registered Charity No.1146975